ALASKA Features

Automate Peace of Mind with ALASKA

Alaska manages the entire life cycle of a device, from commissioning to decommissioning, including configuration, updates, and end-to-end security. Paired with IOWA, IoTerop's products enable two-way communication between the device and the cloud, meaning organizations can reduce (if not eliminate) the need to physically access a device once it's on the field.


Device Lifecycle Management


Complete lifecycle management

Manage every stage of a device's lifecycle, including commissioning, bootstrap, firmware updates, and much more


Device twin creation & management

Rely on ALASKA's automated representation of your device or create your own to fit your operational needs  


Grouping capabilities

Clicking boxes individually is a thing of the past. Organize your devices as you see fit and trigger bulk operations 

Operations Management & Monitoring


Data collection

Collect any data gathered by a device's sensors. Data can be stored in your own custom Objects or in Objects defined in the LwM2M Object registry


Firmware over the air (FOTA) updates

Remotely update your devices to fix security breaches or enable new features 


Device configuration

Apply generic or customized settings on your whole fleet of devices through a single pane of glass 


Monitoring & alerts

Get automatic peace of mind. Use ALASKA to send alerts if a device's behavior matches with its set monitoring rules 

End-to-End Security


Transport & application security

Ensure end-to-end security from a device to the cloud with OSCORE. Add another layer of encryption when using TLS/DTLS


Bootstrap & credential management

Ensure only you have access to a device from the first time it's powered on. Change security keys as needed


Session resumption & connection ID

Accelerate re-authentication procedures to reduce data and power-heavy exchanges between a device and ALASKA 

User and Tenant Management


Users & roles

Limit risk by defining which users have which permission to access different parts of ALASKA


Multi-tenancy management

Set up different accounts in ALASKA and handle their hierarchy to match your organizational or commercial needs 

SaaS Infrastructure


Micro-service architecture

Deploy your fleet on a platform that has innovation, modularity, and scalability in mind 


Wide encoding support

Optimize your data footprint through a wide range of payload encoding formats including, CBOR, SenML JSON, SenML CBOR, LwM2M CBOR, TLV, etc.


Connect via GUI or API

Use ALAKSA's user-friendly interface to manage devices, or integrate it into another platform with APIs

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“There’s a big difference between dealing with 1,000 devices and a million devices. That’s where the simplicity, scalability, security and future-proofing of the ALASKA platform comes in, and why we selected ALASKA and IoTerop as a critical long-term partner for our business.”
Miguel Lira
Innovation and Development Director, Urban Control
“Tested. IoTerop is LwM2M compliant and can be used throughout our ecosystem.”
Regina Andersson
Partner Manager, Ericsson
“IoT is strategic for EDF. IoTerop’s expertise is important to our efforts.”
Nicolas Brouzeng
Golfech Nuclear Power Plant Director, EDF
“IoTerop is a great company with robust embedded engineering skills.”
Michimasa Uematsu