Carole’s SensorHub Q&A

Carole’s SensorHub Q&A

Carole could you explain in a few words what is SensorHub?

SensorHub is a smart, open, Plug & Play (PnP), IoT appliance, based on IoTerop’s IOWA and LwM2M, designed to support a nearly limitless range of sensors and actuators. It can last over 10 years on battery and supports over-the-air device management and firmware updates (FOTA) on IoT networks such as cellular, wired or radio: LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, BLE and LTE-M…

As an expert in electronics could you tell us what makes SensorHub different than any other electronic design?

Several factors that make the SensorHub unique. Firstly, the core services the board provides are inspired by the PnP philosophy. The idea is a developer can plug in a sensor and create a useful, secure, manageable IoT device in minutes. Another key point is the completeness of today’s offering. The SensorHub’s services including security, device management, over-the-air updates and device authentication allow developers to focus their time on the type of solution they want to build; not figuring out how to manage it. Finally, the decision from day one to support open standards helps protect IoT investments.

Why should manufacturers and device operators consider IoTerop SensorHub for their IoT Project?

Take the example of car manufacturers. No car manufacturer builds the pieces used in their cars. Car companies don’t do this because they are lazy, but because they understand focusing on the end solution creates greater values reducing costs, improving final quality, and shortening time-to-market. The same logic applies to most markets including the IoT. With SensorHub, manufacturers can focus on their core differentiation and save time and resources when bringing new products to market.

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