Florence’s IOWA Client App Q&A

Florence’s IOWA Client App Q&A

Florence could you explain in a few words what is IOWA Client App?

IOWA Client App is a smart application for Android Smartphone. It can be set up in just a few minutes and allows a client-server interaction thanks to the LwM2M Standard technology. The user can recover and analyze sensors data, in an interoperable way. A great tool for Smart Cities Project Managers and even Office Managers!

As an expert in API could you tell us what are the benefits of using IOWA Client App?

Today, if you want to develop an IoT solution operating with different sensors, you need to adapt your application according to the sensor used. Manufacturer fragmentation drives up development costs and creates maintenance hurdles. IOWA by abstracting developers from device level specificity issues significantly eases the deployment of interoperable solutions speeding time-to-market and easing maintenance overhead.

Another key advantage of IOWA stack is that security is integrated at every level of the solution. Device authentication is required to add new sensors onto the IoT network. Communication layers between all the IoT elements are secured using light but powerful cryptographic algorithms. All done to prevent data interception, falsification and hijacking.

Finally, why should we deploy additional sensors while citizens can provide data through their own smartphones’ sensors and help cities stakeholders to monitor, analyze and visualize a range of different variables aimed at creating smarter cities?

Why should Smart City or Smart Building Manager consider IoTerop IOWA Client App for their IoT project?

Smartphone sensors represent a potentially huge asset to help our communities monitor and manage public services and resources more efficiently.

Imagine street lights coming on as a mother walks with her child. As the mother and child vacate the space the lights go back off. Both citizen and city benefit through increased security and lower electricity bills. Integrating the IOWA client into your smart city app could create new opportunities to better control public lighting, temperatures, noise levels or air quality, measure traffic, monitor street conditions … in real-time!

Corporate work-space and work culture are also changing before our eyes. Workforces are increasingly mobile and no longer work just 9-to-5. As a result, managing work-spaces have never been more challenging. An employee application with IOWA client services installed could allow an employer to passively manage facility operations such as lighting, temperature, occupancy, etc. all via physical presence.

Interested in learning more about IOWA Client App, you can try it with your Android device! And contact us for a free evaluation.

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