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Whether you’re new to developing in IoT or know your way around, we’ve created this Developer Resources section to support you through your development journey. Including documentation for our IOWA software development kit and CONNECTicut, our free, open Lightweight Machine to Machine (LwM2M) testing environment, we’ve curated the resources that you need to save time and create a reliable product that your organization and its clients can count on.

Get Started with IOWA

IOWA’s device management services allow you to get your devices on the field in days, rather than months. Since we know how important the project you’re working on is, we’ve developed an evaluation version so that you can try our product for free, with no strings attached. Get started today.



Go to GitHub to download the free evaluation version of IOWA SDK, sample applications, and other resources. No forms required.

IOWA Evaluation Documentation

Ready to try the full version? Want advice from an expert? We’re here to help.

IOWA Tutorials

Tutorial #1: Use the IOWA Evaluation SDK and create a LwM2M client in minutes.
Use IOWA, a compact, Lightweight Machine-to-Machine compliant device management library to create your first LwM2M client.
Tutorial #2: Build a LwM2M client for ESP32 Dev Kit in minutes.
How to use IOWA device management stack on ESP32 hardware.

CONNECTicut LwM2M Testing Environment

CONNECTicut is an open, standardized Lightweight Machine to Machine (LwM2M) server environment for testing LwM2M objects. Connect your IoT projects to make sure they adhere to LwM2M standards, including triggering a firmware upgrade, controlling devices, controlling actuators, monitoring sensors, and testing your security link with pre-shared keys and/or certificates.


IoT Related Content

An Application-Layer Approach to End-to-End Security for the Internet of Things. 
This paper from the Open Mobile Alliance outlines how LwM2M uses OSCORE to more efficiently secure IoT end-to-end, independent of network topography, at the applicative level with specific examples for different industries.

IoT Solution Protocol Developer Guide
This detailed paper from T-Mobile with lots of graphics and quantitative analysis calls out important differences between CoAP and MQTT developers must take into account when using NB-IoT as a transport mechanism.

LwM2M & MQTT Test Comparison from analyst group MachNation
Interesting research from MachNation comparing the relative data reporting efficiency of MQTT and LwM2M. We feel however this is an inaccurate comparison. LwM2M incorporates device management services MQTT does not have. A fairer comparison would be CoAP to MQTT.  Here is an infographic from IoTerop that outlines MachNation’s findings.

Impact of CoAP and MQTT on NB-IoT System Performance
Research on how messaging profiles, including message size (byte count) and transport protocols like CoAP and MQTT impact network performance.

Open Mobile Alliance LwM2M 1.1 Presentation
All things LwM2M 1.1 

Lightweight M2M 1.1: Managing Non-IP Devices in Cellular IoT Networks
In depth whitepaper from Ericsson and T-Mobile on the needs of next-generation, hyper-efficient LPWAN IoT solutions.