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This paper from the Open Mobile Alliance outlines how LwM2M uses OSCORE to more efficiently secure IoT end-to-end, independent of network topography, at the applicative level with specific examples for different industires.

This detailed paper from T-Mobile with lots of graphics and quanititive analysis calls out important differences between CoAP and MQTT developers must take into account when using NB-IoT as a transport mechanism.

Interesting research from MachNation comparing the relative data reporting efficiency of MQTT and LwM2M. We feel however this is an innaccurate comparision. LwM2M incorporates device management services MQTT does not have. A fairer comparison would be CoAP to MQTT.  Here is an infographic from IoTerop that outlines MachNation’s findings.

Research on how messaging profile, including message size (byte count) and transport protocols like CoAP and MQTT impact network performance.

The OMA outlines key differences on the different device management approaches.

Important paper from the United Nations and Center for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business on how IoT and data standardization will enhance global trade and innovation.


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