IoT Protocol Efficiency–LwM2M and MQTT

IoT Protocol Efficiency–LwM2M and MQTT

Choosing a protocol is a strategic choice. Before looking at protocols, however, start by asking yourself a few simple project questions:

  • What kind of IoT are you going to be doing?
  • Small deployments or larger, geographically dispersed deployments?
  • Will you be using LPWANs or other networks?
  • How much security is responsible?
  • Is device battery life a consideration?
  • What about network utilization/costs?

Then look at operational questions:

  • What will you do if a device goes down?
  • How would that impact business?
  • What processes can you put in place to mitigate device downtime?

Once understood, objectives help us put in place the right mix of vision, technology, processes, and partners, like IoTerop.

With a mind towards objectives and vision, take a moment to review the infographic about the strength of different IoT protocols. Then when you are ready to accelerate your IoT strategy, contact IoTerop.

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