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Overview: Why IoWA?

IoTerop’s IOWA SDK disrupts IoT by reducing the cost and complexity of building IoT solutions. IOWA’s full complement of device management services based on the LwM2M standard unlock solutions that are both economically rational and future-proof.

Listen to what IoTerop customer Itron Idea Labs’ Senior Principal Solution Architect David Howard has to say about IoTerop during our recent webinar Cellular IoT for Smart City.



Device ManagmentSupports entire device lifecycle providing  zero-touch device management services from commissioning to decommissioning.

CompactUnmatched compactness requiring only 30KB of flash memory & < 5KB RAM on the device.

DocumentationDocumentation includes 450-page API manual with lots of “how-tos” and code examples.

SecurityComprehensive security architecture with DTLS 1.2,  OSCORE, and PKI management.

Certified by Ericsson, AT&T, and Verizon, semiconductors, & industry leaders IOWA clients work with any LwM2M server including IoTerop’s state-of-the-art Alaska device management platform.

Device/RTOS abstraction–Ported to Bare Metal, ThreadX, FreeRTOS, ZephyrOS, Android, Linux, etc.

IndustrialIndustrial grade–Everything we do is documented, tested and supported.

MoreEasy onboarding. Find free code samples and clients for different RTOSs and platforms at our GitHub site.

FocusIncrease resources focused on the solution. 

Reduce time-to-market.


Device CostsReduce intitial solution cost including development and device acquisition costs (CAPEX).

Reduce CostsReduce operational costs via optimized energy-efficeincy, network utilization, and cloud integration (OPEX).

Field serviceMaximize device lifespans and minimize services interventinos with zero-touch device management capbilities (OPEX).

Energy/Security BalanceEnsure your security strategy is economically right-sized balancing security needs with solution goals and energy-consumption.

Fractional costsGet a full-complement of maintained, cost-cutting , starndardized device management services for just a fraction of the total solution cost.

Future-proofFuture-proof your IoT strategy by building standardized, open, best-of-breed solutions.


Everything we do is about helping our customers achieve their ambitions.

SDK Comparison

IOWA SDK Comparison

Client Architecture


LwM2MA Security Architecture

GetTING Started

Developer Resources

Accelerate IoT development with both the free evaluation or full IOWA SDK. With both, you’ll get access to illustrative code samples, “how-to” documentation, and CONNECTicut, our testing server. With our step-by-step methodology and support team, you’ll be up and going in no time, just like our Smart Meter client Elvaco.


Needing only < 30KB Flash & < 5KB RAM IOWA is the most compact Lightweight M2M implementation on the market today. Why does this matter? Besides providing a complete set of industrial-grade device management services, your project will benefit from reduced device costs, energy consumption, and network utilization improving solution ROI.


The Open Mobile Alliance’s Lightweight M2M is the only IoT device management standard addressing connectivity, security, device management with industry-backed standardized data models. Here are additional technical resources.

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