IoTerop ClienT Application

IOWA Client Application is a demonstrative example of a client application being remotely controlled and monitored by a server application. It can be set up in just a few minutes, illustrating the interaction between a client-and-server, thanks to IOWA’s services.

The user can recover and analyze sensor data in an interoperable way, tunning on/off different phone services. The IOWA Client Application is a great little tool to illustratrate some of the many things IOWA makes possible.

Step 1 Download and install APK on Telephone

   Manually install the APK. You may do this by clicking on the APK download. If that fails, click here and follow the manual install process. PLEASE NOTE YOU WILL HAVE TO GIVE PERMISSION TO THE APPLICATION TO USE YOUR PHONES SERVICES.

Step 2 Register phone with Server

Simply click on the big REGISTER button.

Step 3 Select your device

If you have properly registered your device you will see it listed on ther server under the two IOWA sample clients. Below we used a Redmi phone. Select your device by clicking on it once.

Step 5 Remotely Control your device

If everything has been set up correctly you should be able to remotely control your device. You can via a browser, from the same phone or another device: 

-Lock your device 

-Reboot device

-Measure light levels with “illumenance.”

-Turn on or off your phone’s light

-Measure your movements with the “accelerometer.”

Below we are remotely turning the light on-and-off.

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