NB-IoT Webinar with ABI Research, Deutsche Telekom, & Itron

NB-IoT Webinar with ABI Research, Deutsche Telekom, & Itron

Webinar—NB-IoT: Ready for Mass-Market June 23rd 17:30 CET (11:30 EST)

IoTerop, a leader in IoT device management solutions, will host a webinar with partners focused on NB-IoT adoption. IoTerop, ABI Research, Deutsche Telekom, and Itron will provide four unique perspectives on the NB-IoT market, deployment dos and don’ts, and ecosystem roadmap.

Presenting will be ABI Research’s Jamie Moss, Research Director IoT, Jens Olejak, Head of New Access Technologies at Deutsche Telekom, IoTerop CEO, Hatem Oueslati, and finally, Itron’s David Howard, Senior Principal Solution Architect.

“The goal of the webinar is to provide attendees with industry-insider information about the NB-IoT ecosystem maturity, providing visibility for organizations considering NB-IoT,” says Hatem Oueslati, IoTerop, CEO.

Adding, “NB-IoT is  unique in that it is the first global, standardized connectivity solution, but presents many technical and business challenges that IoTerop’s device management solutions solve.”

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About ABI Research

ABI Research helps organizations–and visionaries within those organizations–successfully conquer digital transformation.

About Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom is one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies, with some 184 million mobile customers, 27,5 million fixed-network lines, and 21 million broadband lines.

About Itron

Itron’s Smart City and Smart Metering solutions enable the safe, reliable delivery of energy, water, and other critical infrastructure services improving lives around the world.

About IoTerop

IoTerop’s secure, remote device management solutions limit resources required to build, deploy, and manage connected-objects helping organizations achieve their strategic objectives. IoTerop’s software adheres to the Open Mobile Alliance’s (OMA) Lightweight M2M 1.1 standard used in millions of devices worldwide. IoTerop is an OMA SpecWorks board member and a significant contributor to the Lightweight M2M 1.1 standard.

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