CoAP for low-power networks increases reliability while allowing easy integration with existing internet technologies.

–Gartner, June 2020, Hype Cycle for IoT Protocols and Standards  


Nebraska Makes Connecting NB-IoT solutions to AWS IoT Core Easy.






Nebraska is a secure, reliable bridge for connecting NB-IoT solutions to Amazon’s AWS IoT Core. Nebraska uses CoAP, an NB-IoT optimized transport protocol, minimizing bandwidth requirements easing integration with the internet.


  • Improve connection efficiency, stability, and security using Connection ID, CoAP, and DTLS 1.2 security.
  • Quickly route NB-IoT data to your AWS MQTT/TLS broker.
  • Reduce NB-IoT development cost accelerating time-to-market with CoAP-as-a-Service.
  • Save money by reducing network traffic and AWS resource utilization.
  • Improve device-side energy-efficiency and battery lifespans.

Using Nebraska?

NEBRASKA’s CoAP services have been developed by IoTerop on top of Amazon Web Services. NEBRASKA is a subset of ALASKA, IoTerop’s device management platform supporting LwM2M.

Creation of the CoAP client and data-feed may be done using IoTerop’s IOWA, a C library allowing developers to quickly implement CoAP for data transport as well as DTLS and connection identifiers (CID). Code samples are available on the IOWA GitHub page.

Please note once the CoAP client has been implemented, IOWA may be used to add additional LwM2M device management features.

Additional Reading:

Read about the Impact of CoAP and MQTT on NB-IoT System Performance and how different transport protocols and security practices affect NB-IoT network throughout and connection-loss.

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