IoTerop Introduces Nebraska for AWS IoT Core

IoTerop Introduces Nebraska for AWS IoT Core

A Secure LPWAN Bridge to AWS IoT Core 

Montpellier, December 18, 2020—IoTerop announces NEBRASKA, a secure, reliable, pay-as-you-go bridge and MQTT broker, that Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers can use to connect NB-IoT solutions to AWS IoT Core. 

NEBRASKA uses the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP), an optimized transport protocol to minimize bandwidth requirements and facilitate integration with the internet, and can help AWS customers save time and money. 

NEBRASKA is built on AWS IoT Core using Serverless solutions, while leveraging the existing IoTerop Alaska Platform to extend its native MQTT support. NEBRASKA is especially useful for low-power devices that heavily rely on battery lifetime. Customers using solutions from the NB-IoT device fleet can make use of the CoAP broker solution regardless of their carrier choice of Mobile Network Operators or Mobile Virtual Network operators. 

“Wireless Low-Power WAN connections are essential for IoT applications such as smart metering, smart city, and other critical solutions. It’s great to see services like IoTerop’s NEBRASKA service optimizing secure, efficient NB-IoT connections from the device to AWS IoT, accelerating the time-to-market of these solutions and supporting these unique business cases,” said Michael MacKenzie, General Manager, IoT Connectivity and Control Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc. 

“Beoga solutions mobilize and integrate untapped distributed energy resources,” says Amaury Pachurka, Beoga, CEO. “ALASKA provides Beoga a reliable, secure device management platform for swift, remote smart grid operations over cellular IoT. ALASKA’s ability to scale worldwide over AWS is a key criterion in our choice.” 

NEBRASKA’s CoAP-as-a-Service is a subset of ALASKA, IoTerop’s device management platform adhering to the Lightweight M2M (LwM2M) standard. NEBRASKA and ALASKA both run on AWS. 

“IoTerop’s IOWA SDK simplifies CoAP client development on even the most constrained devices. Once a client has been introduced, customers can then easily add device management functions like firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) updates if needed,” adds David Navarro, IoTerop, Chief Product Officer. 

NEBRASKA’s benefits: 

  • Improve connection efficiency, stability, and security using Connection ID, CoAP, and DTLS 1.3 security. 
  • Quickly route NB-IoT data to your AWS MQTT/TLS broker. 
  • Reduce NB-IoT development cost accelerating time-to-market. 
  • Save money by reducing network traffic and optimizing AWS resource utilization. 
  • Improve device-side energy-efficiency and battery lifespans. 

CoAP can overcome significant challenges to building scalable cellular low-power wide-area (LPWA) solutions. Analyst firm Gartner recognized the importance of CoAP in their June report Hype Cycle for IoT Protocols and Standards, stating, “CoAP for low-power networks increases reliability while allowing easy integration with existing internet technologies.” 


See why connecting NB-IoT devices to AWS has never been easier. 

About IoTerop 

IoTerop’s secure device management services reduce the costs and strategic risks of deploying and operating smart metering and other massive IoT solutions. IoTerop’s device management solutions adhere to the Open Mobile Alliance’s Lightweight M2M standard used in hundreds of millions of devices worldwide. IoTerop is an OMA SpecWork’s board member and a significant contributor to the Lightweight M2M standard. 

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