Synox, IoTerop and Golfech Power Plant Promoting Innovation

Synox, IoTerop and Golfech Power Plant Promoting Innovation

Since February 2018 Synox and IoTerop are working with Golfech Power Plant in Toulouse to shape its digital transformation with an IoT proof-of-concept (POC).

IoTerop–EDF’s 2017 Occitanie Pulse Award Winner

As part of its innovation strategy, EDF France–Southwest launched the EDF Pulse Occitanie Awards. The award seeks to accelerate EDF’s adoption of innovation and promote French entrepreneurs.

In February 2017, IoTerop from Montpellier, France won the award for sustainable development and partnered with Synox to codevelop a tailored proof-of-concept.

IoTerop’s IOWA LwM2M solutions focuses on device interoperability, management and security enabling the PoC’s smart cameras to remotely recover data. Synox’s SoDATAViz solution processes and manages data giving staff at Golfech the ability to view operational data in real-time.

The Basis of an Intelligent Solution–A Smart Sensor Prototype

The pilot project will be deployed in May 2018 in one of Golfech power plant building. The solution will consist of a smart camera in front of a remote-operations control screen. The PoC will capture data which will then be relayed, processed and viewed in real-time.

The project’s objective is to test smart objects interconnectivity in order to improve operations and help teams on the ground.

About Synox

As an IoT service provider, Synox advises companies and cities in their digital transformation. By simplifying deployment of connected devices projects, based on cellular networks, LoRa and SigFox, Synox provides a range of services to manage, monitor, secure connected devices from end to end and integrates IoT data management platform.

 About IoTerop

IoTerop is a provider of Interoperability, Security and Device Management software and electronic solutions for IoT. The company is a member of the Open Mobile Alliance and participates actively into the definition of IoT standards and is today a worldwide leader of OMA Lightweight M2M technology.

Contact: Julie Artis, Communication Manager at Synox –

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