Analysts are predicting that the number of IoT devices deployed will grow to reach 50 billion devices by 2020. More IoT devices will be shipped each year than PCs, tablets, cell phones, set-top-boxes and gaming platforms all combined.

This will indeed be a historic opportunity for many industries. But imagine a world, where those 50 billion devices, despite being “connected” are unable to easily understand each other. Imagine a world, where changing a parameter or updating a firmware of those devices is a challenge. Imagine a world where there are no standards for interoperability or security. It would be a nightmare.

This is why remote monitoring, device management and provisioning will be critical aspects needed to support this tremendous opportunity.

This brave new world will require open standards and protocols with reference implementations in order to ensure the interoperability of the IoT devices’ communication and management. Without such key, comprehensive, foundational services, the IoT industry will face a world of fragmentation, with incompatible devices and brittle, isolated solutions unable to easily interact together. Creating a safe, interoperable and manageable IoT world is IoTerop’s goal.

IoTerop’s software stack is based on the new Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) standard for the IoT named Lightweight M2M. Indeed, the OMA, a standardization consortium dealing with device management and provisioning technologies, has recently issued a new device management protocol specifically targeting IoT devices: Lightweight Machine to Machine (LWM2M).

LWM2M provides a universal means of communication for IoT devices exchanging data and services. It also enables remote device control and provisioning using standard interfaces especially designed for constrained devices over limited networks.

Our commercial-grade stack is fully operational and can be integrated and tailored to your project needs. Relying on our technology you will be able to more quickly develop powerful, interoperable and standard-compliant IoT solutions. Our flexible business model helps you optimize costs allowing you to focus on your “expertise.”

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EDF Afterwork beach party for IoTerop!

Hatem Oueslati, IoTerop CEO was invited to EDF Afterwork beach party at the restaurant “Grand Plage” in La Grande Motte last night: “A great opportunity for startups like IoTerop to meet business leaders (EDF, Tricastin and Dalkia), expand network, share experiences and create a local dynamic in a casual and friendly environment”

Into to the wind!

IoTerop is proud to be a technical partner of the Made in Midi project and to support Kito de Pavant on the next Vendée des Globes 2016…

Vendée des Globes Partnership

Accelerating IoTerop growth with the BIC Incubator Support Program

On June 6th, IoTerop signed the Incubation Support Program with the BIC which further validates IoTerop’s commitment to developing interoperable, secure and device management IoT solutions. Hatem Oueslati, IoTerop’s CEO, said “signing this support program with the BIC, along with the level of engagement we are seeing from partners, confirms the value created by our approach.”

Global UBI has recognized Montpellier Agglomeration’s Business and Innovation Incubator Center (BIC) as the 4th best incubator worldwide.