Customer Case Studies

How Customers Use Our Products

IoTerop is proud to work with innovative companies that solve some of the biggest challenges facing organizations and societies today. Read more about how they used used the IoT and IoTerop's products to get there.

Shipping Container Tracking

Traxens, a global shipping container tracking company, developed a battery-powered “fix and forget” tracker that is installed on hundreds of thousands of containers.

Managing Smart Street Lights

Urban Control, an outdoor smart solutions provider, needed a way to manage their LwM2M devices on a massive scale and offer interoperability to cities with their Urban Node 324.

Why Our Customer Choose Us

We deliver more than just our award-winning products
Deep Technical & Industry Knowledge

From our engineering team to our commercial side, IoTerop's team provide high-level advice or meet you at a deep technical level. Our ambition is to ensure that you have the tools you need to deploy a successful IoT project. 

Adaptable Agility

Our customers' needs are incredibly important to us. We place a high value on responding to new market and customer needs needs with flexibility and agility.

Partners Beyond the Project

Our work together doesn't end with a successfully delivered product. We value and celebrate the commercial success of our customers.

We Shape the Future of IoT

David Navarro, CIO, is a board member of OMA SpecWorks. He wrote 20% of the current LwM2M version specifications. Through his position on the board, our customers benefit from the latest technology in our products, deep industry to insights, strict adherence to open standards, and partnership with a visionary company.