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IOWA is an award-winning software development kit (SDK) dedicated to helping organizations build efficient IoT device management solutions faster than ever. Best known for its remarkably small footprint and clean code, IOWA allows development teams to fast-track their IoT projects without having to build their device from the ground up. Its flexible, prepackaged code allows IoT devices to instantly access features like cybersecurity, secure bootstrapping, firmware updates, decommissioning, LwM2M connectivity, and so much more.

Best of all, IOWA comes with access to our highly-educated engineers and responsive support team, offering you the flexibility you need to make your IoT projects successful.


Give Your Dev Team Powerful Tools


Empower your development team to create LwM2M-compliant IoT devices in an instant. IOWA has been through the most rigorous certification to ensure its strict adherence to LwM2M specifications, and features a full implementation of LwM2M 1.2, 1.1, and 1.0 within the shortest stack possible. It also supports server-side implementations, including OSCORE and all DTLS/TLS libraries.

Custom-created for devices that require low power consumption or affordability, IOWA’s unmatchably small footprint and compact code at < 30KB flash and < 5KB RAM is specifically written to allow devices to live up to 20 years on a single battery. This equates to significant savings in operational maintenance, energy consumption, and network utilization, meaning that IOWA offers both present-day and long-term value.


Ready to start developing?

Accelerate IoT development with both the free evaluation on Github or full IOWA SDK. With both, you’ll get access to illustrative code samples, “how-to” documentation, and CONNECTicut, our testing server. With our step-by-step methodology and support team, you’ll be up and going in no time.

Looking for more details? Download the brochure


Inside, you'll find more information on how IOWA helps you to get your product to the market -- fast. You'll also find details about key technical capabilities, such as:

  • Code & integration
  • Communication protocols
  • Client/server interactions
  • Power Management

IOWA for STM32

IoTerop is proud to be a trusted STMicroelectronics authorized partner. We’ve adapted IOWA to offer STMicroelectronics customers excellent energy performance and expanded security features. Bring innovative and affordable products to market in as little as half a day with IoTerop’s IOWA for STM32.


“LwM2M is critical to our strategy. Our analysis considered time-to-market, feature set, code maturity, documentation, support, and total-cost-of-ownership. IoTerop’s IOWA was the clear winner.”
David Roe
Dir., Smart Water Meter Business, EDMI
“IoTerop’s IOWA reduces time-to-market and future-proofs our investments.”
Lucas Moulin
Program and Solution Director, Traxens
“IoTerop’s Lightweight M2M compliant IOWA is a must for any smart city initiative.”
Pierre Brice
IT Director Montpellier Metropole
“Our development team was able to port our existing NB-IoT solution onto IoTerop’s IOWA with just a few lines of code.”​
Daniel Åkesson
COO, Elvaco
“We support the LwM2M standard, which integrates perfectly into our Cinterion® cellular connectivity range of products currently available in our core markets.
Joël Demarty
IoT Product Marketing Director, Thales Group
“IoTerop demonstrated that LwM2M supports the creation of more compact and secure solutions for activating paid services remotely.”
Antoine Guittet
Embedded Engineer, High-Speed Internet, Groupe PSA
“IoTerop is a great company with robust embedded engineering skills.”
Michimasa Uematsu
“Open and standardized with over-the-air-firmware updates IOWA supports our device management needs.”
Julien Catalano
Principal Architect and Standards, Kerlink
“Tested. IoTerop is LwM2M compliant and can be used throughout our ecosystem.”
Regina Andersson
Partner Manager, Ericsson
“IoT is strategic for EDF. IoTerop’s expertise is important to our efforts.”
Nicolas Brouzeng
Golfech Nuclear Power Plant Director, EDF