ALASKA Device Management Platform

Device Management that Grows with Your Project

ALASKA is IoTerop’s IoT device management platform. Designed to scale with your project size, ALASKA can effortlessly manage 10 or 10s of thousands of devices throughout their lifecycles. Zero-touch commissioning, firmware updates, and security are just the beginning.


Provision and bootstrap new devices


Effortlessly update firmware on fleets of devices


Manage multiple tenants and groups of devices


Configure events, alerts, and warnings


Provision & bootstrap new devices

Onboard your fleet of devices quickly and securely while managing all devices from one single menu. Change a device's credentials along the way to ensure that the device isn't known to anyone else in the value chain.

Effortlessly update firmware on fleets of devices

Manage every aspect of a device's lifecycle, from bootstrap to firmware updates to decommissioning. Do all of these - and more - in just a few clicks. 

IoTerop ALASKA Firmware Update
IoTerop ALASKA - Groups

Manage multiple tenants and groups of devices

Whether you'd like clarity for billing purposes or simply want to create isolated sections for your business, ALASKA was built to manage multiple types of organizational scenarios with different sub-accounts.

Configure events, alerts, and warnings

Have confidence that your IoT ecosystem is functioning through alerts, warnings, and events that are tailored to your IoT device network. Configure events based on device sensors information, or refine criticality for each configured event. 


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You'll find more information on how ALASKA helps address important IoT business objectives. You'll also find details about key technical capabilities, such as:

  • Infrastructure
  • Protocol
  • Device life cycle management
  • Device configuration and maintenance
  • Monitoring


Built on Open Standards

At IoTerop, we have always believed in interoperability, which is why we’ve built all of our products on Lightweight Machine to Machine (LwM2M) protocols. Connect all of your LwM2M capable devices to ALASKA, and experience the freedom that a network built without proprietary technologies has to offer. ALASKA can also manage devices through other protocols, readily available through an API. 

Haven’t set up your devices yet? Check out IOWA, our software development kit that helps you to get your devices up and running in just a few days.

ALASKA’s Core Services



“There’s a big difference between dealing with 1,000 devices and a million devices. That’s where the simplicity, scalability, security and future-proofing of the ALASKA platform comes in, and why we selected ALASKA and IoTerop as a critical long-term partner for our business.”
Miguel Lira
Innovation and Development Director, Urban Control
“Tested. IoTerop is LwM2M compliant and can be used throughout our ecosystem.”
Regina Andersson
Partner Manager, Ericsson
“IoT is strategic for EDF. IoTerop’s expertise is important to our efforts.”
Nicolas Brouzeng
Golfech Nuclear Power Plant Director, EDF
“IoTerop is a great company with robust embedded engineering skills.”
Michimasa Uematsu