Writing the Future of IoT

Who we are

IoTerop is an award-winning software company dedicated to helping organizations build efficient IoT solutions. Our embedded technology allows our customers to put their smart streetlights, smart meters, logistics tracking, and industrial safety and security devices online quickly, without hiring a team of developers. Our cloud-based device management platform allows customers to control all of their IoT devices at once, and offers state-of-the-art security and firmware updates.

We advocate for open standards

Part of our commitment to seeing our clients succeed comes through our seat on the board of Open Mobile Alliance SpecWorks, where we advocate for global standards that propel the IoT industry forward. Establishing these standards ensures that devices will be able to speak to another on a global scale, eliminating the need for our customers to develop costly proprietary technologies.

Our Journey

IoTerop was founded in 2016, and has been helping to write the future of IoT ever since! Learn more about our journey through our timeline.
  • Bringing loT to Life
    Hatem Oueslati, Jacques Bourhisand David Navarrosee an opportunityto bring disruptiveloT developmenttools and devicemanagementsoftware to themarket
  • 1.5M€ of First Round Funding
    Breega, Irdi-Soridec and NGB Invest support loTerop in enhancing its offer and accelerating its international growth
  • IOWA SDK Accelerates loT Development
    IOWA'S Lightweight M2M (LwM2M) device management helps organizations overcome the technical and operational challenges of loT
  • ALASKA End-to-End Service Management
    ALASKA, a highly optimized device management platform built for the cloud with security, scalability, and efficiency in mind, is born
  • The loTerop Team Grows
    loTerop expands its technological footprint and strengthen its teams to meet demand from manufacturers and operators in the fast-growing IoT field

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