We are IoTerop.

Disruptive IoT development tools and device management software.

Bringing massive IoT to life

From development using the IOWA SDK to scalable IoT device management on Alaska, IoTerop’s solutions, leveraging the Lightweight M2M protocol with unmatched device-side capabilities, are used by companies of all sizes to bring their IoT strategies to life.


Accelerate IoT development. Compact, documented, LwM2M C-library helps you build secure, manageable IoT solutions faster than ever.

ALASKA Platform

Scalable device management platform providing everything from device lifecycle management to managing data in the cloud.

Developer Resources

Access code samples, CONNECTicut test server, demonstration applications, documentation, and how-to documents.

why ioterop?

You don’t choose a technology. You choose a partner…a philosophy.


IoTerop works tirelessly with different standards bodies and alliances to ensure IoT is secure, standardized, and interoperable. David Navarro, IoTerop Chief Product Officer, is currently an Open Mobile Alliance Specworks’ board member working in conjunction with ARM, AT&T, Ericsson, Itron, Qualcomm, and T-Mobile to define the Lightweight M2M protocol.


IoTerop’s award-winning IOWA SDK and Alaska Device Management PaaS allow our customers, like Elvaco, to bring efficient IoT solutions to market with just a fraction of the time and resources. IoTerop’s team takes pride in thoroughly testing, documenting, and supporting all our solutions. Our goal? Take you and your team from zero to hero in days.


Conceived to meet the highest standards and ensure interoperability IoTerop’s solutions are pre-approved for Ericsson, AT&T, and Verizon’s networks and equipment, used and certified by demanding industrial groups Itron and Groupe PSA, and tested for interoperability every year at the Open Mobile Alliance’s TestFest.


What is unique about our approach? How do our clients benefit? IoTerop, first and foremost, are engineers that believe the key to building secure, scalable, manageable IoT solutions starts with robust, compact services on the objects. Get the IOWA SDK to see just how easy building great IoT solutions can be.


It isn’t about us. It is about our customers achieving their ambitions.

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