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Deploy Sustainable IoT Projects

IoTerop offers industry-leading products to help companies create and manage their IoT devices efficiently, securely, and quickly.

Enhance NB-IoT Capabilities with IoT Device Management

NB-IoT was designed to send small packages of data over long distances, making it especially useful for devices that require extended battery life, are indoors or deep underground, or require cost-sensitivity. Learn how pairing NB-IoT with device management can take your IoT ecosystem to the next level.

Why Our Customer Choose Us

We deliver more than just our award-winning products
Deep Technical & Industry Knowledge

From our engineering team to our commercial side, IoTerop's team provide high-level advice or meet you at a deep technical level. Our ambition is to ensure that you have the tools you need to deploy a successful IoT project. 

Adaptable Agility

Our customers' needs are incredibly important to us. We place a high value on responding to new market and customer needs needs with flexibility and agility.

Partners Beyond the Project

Our work together doesn't end with a successfully delivered product. We value and celebrate the commercial success of our customers.

We Shape the Future of IoT

David Navarro, CIO, is a board member of OMA SpecWorks. He wrote 20% of the current LwM2M version specifications. Through his position on the board, our customers benefit from the latest technology in our products, deep industry to insights, strict adherence to open standards, and partnership with a visionary company.


“LwM2M is critical to our strategy. Our analysis considered time-to-market, feature set, code maturity, documentation, support, and total-cost-of-ownership. IoTerop’s IOWA was the clear winner.”
David Roe
Dir., Smart Water Meter Business, EDMI
“IoTerop’s IOWA reduces time-to-market and future-proofs our investments.”
Lucas Moulin
Program and Solution Director, Traxens
“IoTerop’s Lightweight M2M compliant IOWA is a must for any smart city initiative.”
Pierre Brice
IT Director Montpellier Metropole
“Our development team was able to port our existing NB-IoT solution onto IoTerop’s IOWA with just a few lines of code.”​
Daniel Åkesson
COO, Elvaco
“We support the LwM2M standard, which integrates perfectly into our Cinterion® cellular connectivity range of products currently available in our core markets.
Joël Demarty
IoT Product Marketing Director, Thales Group
“IoTerop demonstrated that LwM2M supports the creation of more compact and secure solutions for activating paid services remotely.”
Antoine Guittet
Embedded Engineer, High-Speed Internet, Groupe PSA
“IoTerop is a great company with robust embedded engineering skills.”
Michimasa Uematsu
“Open and standardized with over-the-air-firmware updates IOWA supports our device management needs.”
Julien Catalano
Principal Architect and Standards, Kerlink
“Tested. IoTerop is LwM2M compliant and can be used throughout our ecosystem.”
Regina Andersson
Partner Manager, Ericsson
“IoT is strategic for EDF. IoTerop’s expertise is important to our efforts.”
Nicolas Brouzeng
Golfech Nuclear Power Plant Director, EDF

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