Elvaco: IoTerop Customer Interview

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In This Brief Interview With Erik Wikström, Elvaco’s Chief Sales Officer Explains How Ioterop Supports Their Lpwan Go-to-market Strategy.

Steve Lurie, IoTerop: Can you tell us a little bit about Elvaco and what you are doing? 

Erik: Elvaco is a nearly forty-year-old Swedish company that provides products and services to improve metering operations. Our tagline is “we see value in every measurement.” 

Elvaco recently built a new generation of Meter Connectivity Modules using IoTerop’s IOWA Full SDK to support LPWANs NB-IoT and LoRaWAN. These new solutions are a continuation of our core business. 

Steve: Why did you choose IoTerop and LwM2M? 

Erik: Originally, we had planned to build our solution in-house, but it became clearer that using a solution like IoTerop’s based on LwM2M was advantageous: 

  1. Using IoTerop’s IOWA Full SDK increased our focus on the solution, reducing development costs and time-to-market; and 
  2. Building solutions based on open standards like LwM2M means having the features necessary to control on-going costs and provide end-to-end security. These are both keys to supporting our greater business objectives. 

Steve: What kinds of objectives? 

Erik: Our primary markets are in EMEA, but we will also be selling in North America. These are different markets. Increasingly, there is the question of meeting governmental security regulations. Building on standards like LwM2M means we can adapt this or other solutions to market requirements. 

Steve: After becoming an IoTerop customer you were able to bring your products to market in just a couple of months. How are things going? 

Erik: Well, from a business standpoint, our partners have already deployed a thousand of our next-generation devices, and we estimate we should be at 18,000 by the end-of-the-year. We see real opportunities in solutions using LPWAN networks. 

Steve: Are you planning on building other IoT solutions? 

Erik: Sorry, Steve, but that is top-secret, or at least subject-matter for a future blog post. 

No seriously, from my standpoint, as a chief sales officer, I am pleased with our new modules.  They address market needs by supporting LPWANs like NB-IoT, our customers like them, and we were able to quickly create an in-demand product. 

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