IoTerop Partner Adeunis Introduces Pulse NB-IoT Metering Solution

IoTerop Partner Adeunis Introduces Pulse NB-IoT Metering Solution

Montpellier, September 18, 2020 – Adeunis will present the Pulse NB-IoT Metering Solution at M2M Paris stand E13 September 23rd and 24th. Adeunis’ Pulse embeds IoTerop’s zero-touch, remote device management, and optimized data orchestration and transport services for LPWANs, making it particularly adapted for water applications requiring long device lifespans.

“IoTerop’s IOWA enables Pulse to collect data and minimize battery usage over the solution’s entire lifecycle. IOWA’s documented, structured approach to building NB-IoT solutions addresses the technical and operational challenges, cutting time-to-market, allowing us to focus on value creation” declares Jean-Luc Baudouin, Adeunis Deputy CEO, R&D & Marketing Director.​”Adeunis is our third customer in the last six months to publicly announce an NB-IoT smart metering solution using IoTerop’s IOWA,”​ states Hatem Oueslati, CEO. IoTerop. 

Continuing, “ NB-IoT interests our clients for multiple reasons. From a networking quality-of-service​ standpoint, NB-IoT’s ability to penetrate walls, and other obstacles, address industrial connectivity needs. From a business standpoint, NBIoT’s cost-model compares well with other technologies, and its presence in over 140 countries reduces deployment and localization costs.”

“Lightweight M2M is a perfect fit for NB-IoT and constrained environments. It combines efficient data collection with device management services, including bootstrapping, onboarding, and firmware upgrades necessary to control operational costs,” says David Navarro, IoTerop,​ Chief Product Officer, and Open Mobile Alliance SpecWorks’ board member.

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Learn more about Adeunis’s Pulse Smart Metering solution.

About IoTerop

IoTerop’s software revolutionizes IoT, reducing associated costs by providing secure, remote device management. By limiting the resources required to build, deploy, and manage connected-objects, IoT strategies become more sustainable, supporting strategic objectives.IoTerop’s software adheres to the Open Mobile Alliance’s (OMA) Lightweight M2M standard used in millions of devices worldwide. IoTerop is an OMA SpecWorks’s board member and a significant contributor to the Lightweight M2M standard.

About Adeunis

In a connected world, Adeunis designs, manufactures, and markets wireless sensors and solutions for the operational performance of professionals. Adeunis is an expert in IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) dedicated to the optimization of building management (Smart Building), industrial processes and services (Smart Industry), and developing the attractiveness of cities (Smart City). Our mission is to support the digitalization of our customers’ businesses through IoT solutions, by guaranteeing the complete chain of information, from the sensors to the transfer of data to their application.

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