Cellular Gateways for IoT: Keeping Costs Low and Deployment Numbers High

Cellular Gateways for IoT: Keeping Costs Low and Deployment Numbers High


Cellular gateways are a typical approach to IoT because of the range and reliability of cellular networks. In fact, the use of gateways is essential, as they act as a border router for mesh networks such as Wi-SUN. They can also extend your network coverage outdoors for wide-range radio protocols such as LoRA, or indoors for short-range protocols such as Bluetooth Low Energy.  
Join us as we explore some of the best technologies to massively deploy gateways while keeping communication costs low. We’ll discuss solutions to reduce your private network maintenance costs, and in particular, the solution built by the LwM2M standard for this purpose. Finally, we will cover how to use gateways to link protocols together to create an end-to-end solution for an intelligent network. 


Webinar Agenda

  • When to use LTE-M or NB-IoT for a gateway
  • Using LwM2M to lower the cost of your gateway fleets
  • Successful use of gateways to link different protocols

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Webinar Speakers


Ulf Seijmer
Chief Innovation Officer at Induo, CTO and Co-owner of AKKR8


Tomasz Leszczyński 
Founder and CTO



Olivier Carmona
VP, Sales & Marketing


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