AKKA and IoTerop Announce Partnership

AKKA and IoTerop Announce Partnership

Montpellier, January 10th, 2019 – IoTerop and AKKA Technologies are joining forces to advance connected vehicle capabilities including device management and Firmware-Updates-Over-The-Air (FOTA).

IoTerop, a leader in supplying IoT device management and FOTA technologies, sees this partnership with AKKA, a European market leader offering turnkey engineering solutions to the automotive industry, as a strong combination of talent, know-how, and technology assets that will help unlock connected car industry potential.

“Remote device management and secure over-the-air software updates will be key to realizing the full potential of connected cars,” says Hatem OUESLATI, CEO of IoTerop. “Lightweight, secure, standardized protocols able to operate over multiple networking topologies, including LPWA, will ensure that cars can be managed and updated safely and in an interoperable way across car manufacturers. We’ll be able to change parameters, diagnose defects and push patches and software updates remotely without requiring traditional service interventions. Technologies such asIoTerop’s IOWA, built on top of open standards such as OMA’s Lightweight M2M will enable those new usages resulting in reduced maintenance cost while saving drivers and organizations millions of man-hours,”  he adds.

“AKKA with its 20,000 skilled engineers worldwide and its 30 year-relationships with the world’s leading companies in the automotive industry, has the means to foster innovation in the car industry and offer turnkey solutions to car manufacturers enforcing Over-the-Air software update and remote car diagnostic and management capabilities. IoTerop’s technical expertise and solutions, based on open standards, are key ingredients in transforming our vision into reality”, says Fabien Chevillard, Head of Telematic Systems Department AKKA Technologies.

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