EDMI Uses IoTerop’s IOWA SDK to Build a 20+ Year NB-IoT Water Meter

EDMI Uses IoTerop’s IOWA SDK to Build a 20+ Year NB-IoT Water Meter

Custom created for the Australian market, EDMI’s ultrasonic DN20 meters are compliant with LwM2M and NB-IoT standards

Victoria, Australia – 1 February, 2022 – EDMI, a global leader in the provision of smart metering solutions, has partnered with IoTerop, a leading IoT device management software company, to offer Lightweight Machine to Machine (LwM2M) and Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) capabilities in its newly released DN20 ultrasonic water meters. The DN20 meter will provide near real-time data so that consumers can track their water consumption and make informed decisions about their water usage. Dual D batteries in the meters enable 20+ years of battery life, and extensive in-house ALT (accelerated life testing) was done to ensure a long life on the field.

Having served the Australian market since 1978, EDMI has deployed more than 5  million electricity and gas meters in Australia alone. EDMI recently recognized the need for a highly-customized water metering device that was built on open standards and delivered at a price point that maximizes the business benefits of deploying smart water meters. The DN20 also features a STM32 chipset, allowing for a very high performance, real-time capabilities, digital signal processing, and low‑power and low‑voltage operation. It also comes with an exclusive one-touch commissioning, allowing for rapid field deployments.

“EDMI is proud to offer our clients cutting-edge DN20 NB-IoT ultrasonic smart water meters,” said David Roe, Product Lead for Smart Water at EDMI Australasia. “Thanks to IoTerop’s IOWA, our meters are LwM2M and NB-IoT compliant. Our use of IOWA allowed for a much shorter time to market, and IOWA’s thorough documentation, simple API, and excellent support were key components of the DN20’s successful launch,” he said.

“Due to the size and environmental factors, the Australian landscape offers unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to water metering,” said Hatem Oueslati, CEO of IoTerop. “We are passionate about offering organizations the ability to quickly create interoperable products that can communicate on open networks in order to advance smart metering efforts around the world. Our technologies not only allow for rapid deployment, but contribute significantly to keeping products on the field longer thanks to extended battery life, firmware updates over the air (FOTA), and top-notch security,” he said.

EDMI plans to deploy 150,000 smart meters across Australia and New Zealand over the next 12 months as part of a much larger roll-out that will deliver more control to networks and more choice to consumers.

About EDMI

EDMI Limited is one of the leading smart metering solutions providers in the world. EDMI is focused on designing, developing and manufacturing innovative and technologically advanced energy meters and metering systems for the global utility industry. EDMI’s metering portfolio includes a comprehensive range of premium quality metering products, advanced infrastructure and energy management systems. EDMI is owned by Osaki Electric Co., Ltd, a Japanese metering solutions provider listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


About IoTerop

IoTerop is an award-winning provider of IoT device management solutions. Its flagship IOWA software development kit and ALASKA device management platform allow organizations to quickly develop, deploy, and manage fleets of interoperable devices, thanks their strict adherence to the Lightweight Machine to Machine (LwM2M) protocol. IoTerop’s co-founder David Navarro is an Open Mobile Alliance SpecWorks board member along with representatives from AT&T, Ericsson, T-Mobile, ARM, Itron, and Qualcomm and a significant contributor to the LwM2M standard since 2011. IoTerop has been a ST Authorized Partner since 2020.


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