IoTerop Adds MQTT Messaging Transport Protocol to ALASKA IoT Device Manager

IoTerop Adds MQTT Messaging Transport Protocol to ALASKA IoT Device Manager

Montpellier, France – 10 November, 2023 – IoTerop, a leading IoT device management company, announces today that MQTT has been added to ALASKA IoT device management platform’s protocol portfolio. ALASKA users can now use MQTT for northbound communication as a component of ALASKA's device management and communication capabilities, enabling seamless connections to their preferred platforms such as AWS IoT, Azure IoT Hub, or similar services.


MQTT is a lightweight publish/subscribe messaging transport protocol designed to efficiently transport application data in massive IoT applications. It was designed for remote connection with devices subject to resource constraints and/or limited network bandwidth. Many organizations use MQTT due to its ability to run in unstable environments, but also due to its low bandwidth requirements for sending data to the cloud.

IoTerop has added a new channel to easily retrieve edge device data on top of API polling and HTTP webhooks, meaning that ALASKA users can configure an MQTT push-notifications channel so that events (device connection, device update, etc.) or data retrieved are automatically forwarded to the targeted MQTT broker. This will ease events and data management in a wide variety of use cases and facilitate data ingestion on Cloud platforms.

“IoTerop’s vision is to help massive IoT reach its full potential sooner,” said Hatem Oueslati, CEO of IoTerop. “Many companies rely on MQTT to feed data to their cloud-based data analysis services. We are consistently adding new features to ALASKA to ensure our customers have a solution that meets their business use cases, and we know that this will be a valuable feature for both our current and future customers.”

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About IoTerop

IoTerop is an award-winning provider of IoT device management solutions. IoTerop’s strict adherence to LwM2M protocol specifications, reflected in its flagship IOWA software development kit and ALASKA cloud-based device management platform, help organizations to quickly develop, deploy, and manage fleets of interoperable IoT devices. IoTerop’s co-founder David Navarro has been an Open Mobile Alliance SpecWorks board member and a significant contributor to the OMA SpecWorks standard alongside representatives from AT&T, Ericsson, and T-Mobile ARM, Itron and Qualcomm since 2011.


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