IoTerop Announces New Smart Meter Client

IoTerop Announces New Smart Meter Client

Elvaco Adopts IoTerop’s IOWA Solution to Accelerate Smart Meter Growth

Montpellier, Jan. 22, 2020 — IoTerop, an award-winning leader of IoT device management solutions added Elvaco as a new smart meter client after a workshop at Elvaco headquarters in Kungsbacka, Sweden.

“IoTerop’s offerings are very complete. Our development team was able to port our existing NB-IoT solution onto IoTerop’s IOWA with just a few lines of code over a 3-day workshop. This is a credit, not just to the extensive documentation, but also to the fact IoTerop behaves like a partner,” states Daniel Åkesson, COO, Elvaco.

Continuing, “As a strong advocate of the Open Mobile Alliance’s LwM2M standard, IoTerop’s philosophy aligns perfectly with our IoT strategy.”

 “Thanks to this new design win, we are growing expertise in the smart metering field allowing to deliver dedicated solutions for this market even faster,” declares Hatem Oueslati, CEO, IoTerop.

Adding, “Companies are always looking to shorten time-to-market and future-proof their IoT investments. Once the project starts they realize that device management services, like over-the-air firmware updates, security and interoperability are impassable. IOWA’s leading combination of services, paired with the smallest device footprint in the industry means our clients can efficiently use any chipset.

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About Elvaco: 

Elvaco provides open end-to-end solutions for utility metering, aiming to support our customers to develop their sustainable business. We are specialized in energy connectivity and infrastructure, from meters and sensors to cloud-based systems and services.  

About IoTerop:

IoTerop is an award-winning leader of IoT device management solutions. Our Lightweight M2M 1.1 compliant framework of rich device services enables companies to quickly build future-proof industrial Internet-of-Things solutions.

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