Trends in Tracking: IoT Technologies Savvy Businesses Use to Monitor Their Assets

Trends in Tracking: IoT Technologies Savvy Businesses Use to Monitor Their Assets

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Whether it’s a freighter or the objects in containers on that freighter, knowing where your company’s assets are is foundational to the functioning of your business. And although the practice of tracking large objects such as delivery trucks has been around for decades, new advances in technology allow the tracking of much smaller and non-powered objects that may just as valuable as delivery trucks. Whether you’re looking to implement a new tracking system or need yours to become more sophisticated, we hope you’ll find this free webinar recording useful.

We discuss:

  • An overview of asset tracking: from foundations to future trends
  • Business strategies for implementing a long-term and reliable supply chain solutions
  • The important technologies you need to know about in today’s modern tracking age
  • Why LPWAN and NB-IoT technologies should be on your radar



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Webinar Speakers


Frank Hermans




Stéphane Deruette
Sales Director, IoT




Matt Hatton
Founding Partner




Olivier Carmona
VP Sales & Marketing




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