Advancing Global Cellular IoT through SGP.32 eSIM, iSIM, and LwM2M

Advancing Global Cellular IoT through SGP.32 eSIM, iSIM, and LwM2M

Cellular IoT plays a significant role in the ever-expanding IoT market, providing extensive global coverage through multiple operators. However, when designing a device to operate anywhere in the world, several crucial questions must be answered. Should you opt for a traditional SIM card or embrace the emerging eSIM technology? Is iSIM universally accepted? How do you handle SIM profiles? Should all profiles be integrated into a single device, or is it more efficient to download new profiles as needed to the reduce memory footprint? Can these profiles be downloaded over NB-IoT? And is GSMA SGP.32 a suitable solution for this purpose, or should you wait for SGP.42 to simplify the device onboarding during manufacturing?

If you are involved in the design of Cellular IoT devices intended for global distribution, this webinar is for you. The session will explain the role of eSIM and iSIM solutions in the IoT, delve into the new GSMA SGP.32 specification and its compatibility with eSIM and iSIM options, as well as the vital role of LwM2M in SIM profile management, device connectivity and functionality. Moreover, it will explore market implications and highlight use cases that can benefit from these advancements. Join us in this informative webinar to gain valuable insights and stay ahead in the dynamic world of Cellular IoT!


Webinar Agenda

  • Comprehensive overview of remote SIM profiles and the GSMA SGP.32 and SGP.02 specifications
  • Benefits and challenges associated with updating remote SIM profiles
  • Business impact of these changes
  • Overview of markets that could most benefit
  • Implementing a unified platform for device management, connectivity, and remote SIM profile management

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Webinar Panelists


Christophe Serrano
Head of Product



Loic Bonvarlet
SVP Product and Marketing




Waseem Haider 
Principal Analyst,
IoT, Enterprise Research



Stephane Quetglas 
Mobile Connectivity Solutions Marketing Director




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