HIWA Technology uses IoTerop’s ALASKA and IOWA IoT software suite to bring COVID-19 track-and-trace capabilities to the construction industry

HIWA Technology uses IoTerop’s ALASKA and IOWA IoT software suite to bring COVID-19 track-and-trace capabilities to the construction industry

Using IoTerop’s ALASKA cloud-based device management platform and IOWA software development kit, HIWA Technology was able to quickly offer its IoT-based SiteM8 tracking system to the construction industry, enhancing construction worker safety and more

Christchurch, New Zealand – 2 February, 2022 – HIWA Technology, a global Internet of Things (IoT) construction solutions company, has partnered with IoTerop, a leading IoT device management software company to bring a much-needed technological advancement to the construction industry.

HIWA Technology’s SiteM8 product offers a fully integrated GPS tracking system that helps construction companies to track labour costs, monitor large numbers of site workers, and protect employees’ health. Its M8 tracking device offers employees a SOS-button, auto-alerts his or her employer if the employee goes unconscious, and provides a two-way communication feature. SiteM8 goes a step further by protecting employee privacy through ceasing transmission if the worker is outside a 100 metre radius of their designated worksite(s).

On the employer side, SiteM8 offers employers the world’s first GPS-based automated timekeeping and health and safety system. It automates timesheets, and allows companies to accurately gauge daily costs and ensure productivity through a high-level view of each construction site.

“The construction industry is in need of some major advances, and IoT technology is the answer. We are proud to offer a product that is designed with both the employer and the employee in mind. IoTerop’s IOWA software development kit and ALASKA cloud-based device management platform were foundational in the development of our much-needed product. We were able to go from researching and designing the product to production in a very short time. This allowed us to put our devices on the field much faster, saving us significant time and resources.” says Hoani Matenga, Director and co-founder at HIWA Technology.

“We created IOWA and ALASKA to offer companies an agile IoT device management solution set that will help them go to market rapidly and take advantage of significant cost-savings. Thanks to our security, firmware-over-the-air (FOTA), and dedicated support team, we can guarantee our products’ longevity and relevance in the market for many years to come. We are very pleased to support HIWA Technology in offering their much-needed devices to construction companies and their employees. It is yet another example of the power of IoT technologies to both empower businesses and save lives.” says Hatem Oueslati, CEO of IoTerop.

HIWA Technology and SiteM8 have been adopted by many large scale government projects and independent organizations around Aotearoa New Zealand.

About HIWA Technology

HIWA Technology is a cutting-edge technology, hardware, artificial intelligence and robotics company that applies some of the newest advances in technology to the construction industry. Best known for its highly-accurate and durable SiteM8 system, HIWA Technology designs IoT solutions to increase worker productivity, worker safety, and COVID-19 track-and-trace capabilities for large-scale projects across the construction sector.

To learn more about HIWA Technology’s SiteM8, visit www.sitem8.com.

About IoTerop

IoTerop is an award-winning provider of IoT device management solutions. Its flagship IOWA software development kit and ALASKA device management platform allow organizations to quickly develop, deploy, and manage fleets of millions of interoperable devices, thanks their strict adherence to the Lightweight Machine to Machine (LwM2M) protocol. IoTerop’s co-founder David Navarro is an Open Mobile Alliance SpecWorks board member along with representatives from AT&T, Ericsson, T-Mobile, ARM, Itron, and Qualcomm and a significant contributor to the LwM2M standard since 2011.


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